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College Planning

College Choice & Admissions Assistance

StowBrook College Plan is designed to help future students coordinate their choice of career and match it with the college of best value. Our one-on-one student mentor services help reduce the stress and anxiety associated with the entire college application process. We do that by providing individual student assessments, personality profile evaluations, an advanced career & college major search based on specific student interests, reviews of colleges that best align with each student’s preferences, SAT & ACT prep, essay review with recommendations, and more. 

College Cost Optimization

Contrary to what most colleges and universities would have you believe, working with their financial aid resources is not typically in your best interest. Remember that most colleges, even State schools, are looking to maximize their revenue to support their overhead; so their guidance is often biased in their favor. We are focused to help students and their families with:

1. Financial Award Negotiation. Did you know that financial aid is negotiable? At StowBrook College Plan, we know how to present required personal financial documents, the FAFSA application, CSS Profile completion, the Student Aid Report, (SAR) and more. We’ll even review Award Letters to confirm they are “fair” and help you draft “negotiation” letters to help secure a better offer.

2. Loans, Grants, & Scholarships.Based on each student’s individual interests, resumé, achievements, choice of college(s), financial resources, and more. StowBrook College Plan has proprietary tools to help identify student loan options, prospective grant & scholarship opportunities, and assist with applications. Our services are designed to help your family reduce the college costs as much as possible. 

Tax & Financial Planning

StowBrook’s experienced team of advisors uniquely positioned to coordinate your financial portfolio and tax filings. Our goal is to help reduce tax liability (short term) and preserve capital that you otherwise would spend on college for retirement (long term). We can share proven effective tactics that align with college application requirements while maintaining the integrity of your overall financial plan and long-term financial strategy. We use leveraging strategies such as asset re-alignment and other financial investment tools to reduce declarable net worth on college financial forms.  

College Planning Packages

Detailed roadmap for students who want to take an early start and enjoy well-paced college planning processes.

Step by step time focused college planning plan allowing for a detailed and well-timed college planning process.

Prioritized college plan to ensure most value in compressed period of time.